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One taobao artist
Post responsibilities and requirements: sexs, 1, there must be two years working experience in Tmall professional artists, have 3 c industrial products online store design work experience, familiar with the process of electricity, can independently accomplish product pictures photography, design, landscaping, text editing process.
Strong sense of responsibility, obey arrangement.
RMB 4000-7000 yuan per month.
Tmall customer service 1
‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ responsibility: ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍
1) receive customers through online chat tools, answer questions, conduct commodity sales, facilitate transactions, and obtain orders;
2) be familiar with the various operating rules of Tmall mall, provide services to online customers, and timely solve the problems and requirements raised by customers;
3) responsible for the consulting, ordering, delivery and feedback of sales process;
4) understand customer service demand information, carry out effective tracking, pre-sales, after-sales guidance and service work;
1) skilled in daily office software, proficient in computer operation and fast typing speed (40 words/min);
2) familiar with the operation process of taobao shop, and the relevant workers are preferred;
3) strong expression ability, strong ability to direct purchasing, patience, care and responsibility;
4) have affinity, strong sense of responsibility, dedication and teamwork spirit.
Foreign trade assistant 1
1. Manage the account of the platform, take charge of new product upload and price maintenance, and ensure the normal operation of the store;
2. Responsible for the platform production, maintenance and optimization of listing pages, ranking optimization, activity setting, advertising drainage and other related work related to platform marketing;
3. Responsible for collecting and analyzing market intelligence and competitors' situation, and making promotion plans;
4. Make sales detail reports and carry out sales analysis;
5. Observing market conditions and effectively introducing new product development;
6. Complete other tasks of the company.
Qualifications: 1. Gender;
College degree or above, fresh graduate is preferred, English level requires CET4 or above, foreign language, international trade or e-commerce is preferred;
(this position focuses on English reading and writing ability, oral English is not required) 2. There is a certain operating basis of office software, especially the familiarity of Excel operation;
3. High initiative, strong sense of responsibility, diligent, diligent, meticulous and patient, service awareness and team spirit.