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Emergency System

In the field of petroleum and petrochemical, the security system is responsible for the security department, and the production management system is independent of the security sector alone, in the event of an accident, the lack of effective communication between the two systems will inevitably lead to the handling of emergency delays and Not timely, in the field of efficient protection of petroleum and petrochemical, time sometimes means to avoid major disasters, so the security system and production safety management system effectively integrated into a new trend in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Strong applicability, scalability, compatibility, according to the actual needs of custom development of the security system platform has become the inevitable choice of oil and petrochemical industry.

However, the current oil, petrochemical industry communications tools are still behind, and some just a simple walkie-talkie, not a fully functional communication system, can not solve the following questions:

(1) the central control room signal shielding serious, outdoor operators can not maintain a smooth communication with the control center.

(2) the authority of the leadership of each class, each workshop staff must rotate the radio channel button, very inconvenient.

(3) channel idle uneven, each group of channels can not be shared, call efficiency is low.

(4) emergency can not call to everyone in a timely manner, the lack of unified command and dispatch capacity.

(5) the original system is often affected by other radio frequency interference. Not only from within the system but more from the outside of the system.

(6) no cable access function, the operator can not call to the office leadership phone, can not report important situation.

An Introduction
In order to solve the communication demand of petroleum and petrochemical industry and improve the efficiency of the operator, it is necessary to build a set of simple, powerful and cost-effective wireless with the purpose of unified command and multi-level dispatching in the operation class within the factory. Communication system is particularly important.


For the oil and petrochemical industry communication needs, Shenzhen Huatiancheng developed a cluster system supporting base station signal booster solution, the system construction in accordance with the following principles:

(1) According to the number of walkie-talkie used to determine the number of cluster channels, channel dynamic allocation, the team share.

(2) According to the actual use needs, habits and the number of users to design the appropriate grouping of the use of departments, different workshops, team number grouping, in order to meet the needs of different areas.

(3) set up with a frequency selection function of the base station signal enhancer and in the central control room to do indoor distribution design, to extend the base station coverage and signal blindness, the effective extension of the signal and amplification, to avoid interference, to ensure call quality.

(4) communication office or dispatch room configuration scheduling table, to achieve voice calls, demolitions, plugging, monitoring, traffic statistics and other functions.

We provide IP broadcast system solutions based on TCP / IP transmission mode Conventional communication system and outdoor remote coverage system, fully integrated TCP / IP digital conventional communication system in communication and data applications, security and outdoor remote coverage The system covers a wide range of signal coverage.

Program characteristics
(1) system capacity, saving frequency resources

System channel dynamic allocation, all staff sharing, 4-channel cluster system can accommodate about 150 people call.

(2) failure weakening ability

Receiver failure, the transmitter power is low, the channel machine power failure, link failure, the system can automatically turn off the channel, and weakened into the basic cluster function;

(3) with / wireless automatic transfer function,

Wired direct access to the local program-controlled switches, to achieve a wireless interoperability;

(4) system self-test and fault alarm

Oil and petrochemical business sub-system, the environment is complex, the need to use advanced technology to kill a variety of risk factors in the bud, while the network of integrated systems can strengthen the Group of various subordinate enterprises of the production process safety supervision, Stable and safe operation of enterprises