Telephone voice PCM fiber converter

24 channel POTS phone lines over fiber converter

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  • Product description

    24 channel POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) phone lines over fiber converter / extender. This Voice over Fiber converter uses RJ-11C modular connectors for each copper pair connection. FXO type unit connects to a telephone line (PSTN) or PBX station line and has ability to detect ringing voltages and to act as a telephone. FXS type unit is the reciprocal unit and has ability to act as PSTN and connects to a telephone device.


     standard  RJ11 telephone interface

    24 channel support voice access, Support Caller ID and Fax

     Voice port supports O port and S port, O port connects switch and S port connects users phone

     Support FXO / FXS ordinary telephone

     Support point-to-point, cascaded and distributed network connections, and SNR will not decline

     Power link to fiber optic , data status indication LED can monitor system health

     Industrial design, modular design allows flexible and reliable equipment



    1.  Factory renovation, relocation distance call system

    2.  highway 122 phone systema

    3.  Remote multimedia teaching / campus monitoring, video conferencing systems

    4.  Telephone intercom, phone calls, related applications

    Technical parameter list

    Product Name

    24 channel telephone over fiber converter

    Product Model



    FXO/FXS Ordinary telephone

    Telephone Ports

    24 telephone port RJ11 port

    Switch Terminal

    Ordinary telephone or PBX, PBX (PBX), public telephone outside the PSTN


    Ringing voltage: 75V, ringing frequency: 25HZ


    Second line input impedance:600Ω (hook), return loss: 40db, ring detection voltage:35V

    Ring detection frequency

    17HZ-60HZ, second-line input impedance: 600Ω (hook), return loss: 40 db

    Broadband Voice



    Point to point, telephone to telephone, telephone to switch


    PCM code

    Fiber Ports


    Transmission distance

    Single-mode single fiber 20KM

    Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature:  -35° 75°C
    Storage Temperature: -40° 85°C
    Operating Humidity: 0%95%, non-condensing

    Total power consumption

    2.5wInput:DC12V 3A)

    Power supply

    External power supply, Input:AC110-240V 50/60Hz, Output:12V 3A

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