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作者:网站管理员 来源:本站原创 日期:2017-5-7 16:04:24 

New Year's day notice
Respect your new and old customers;
Dear colleagues,
With the coming of New Year's day in 2017, the company will be closed for 1 day on January 1, 2017 in combination with the current operating conditions.
Please arrange the order in advance for your new and old customers
2. On January 2 and January 23, the colleague who took time off from the lunar New Year's day was paid the normal working hours on January 23.
During the holidays, the departments will arrange the duty personnel and the security work, and the important events should be reported and handled in a timely manner.
Please be sure to keep your cell phone open, and take care of your safety during the holidays.
Good luck in advance.
New and old customer friend, colleague, happy New Year!
Shenzhen shengtai heng technology co., LTD
On December 30, 2016


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